Magnaro® Rope protectors

During mooring operations mooring ropes can get easily damaged. Once ropes are subjected to rough surfaces or sharp edges, over time the rope loses it’s strength or will not be safe for use anymore. In general ropes without rope protectors have a shorter lifespan.

Teho Ropes Europe therefor advises to use our cost effective Magnaro® Rope protectors to ensure the longevity of your Magnaro® mooring ropes.

The Magnaro® rope protectors are:

✔ Made from reinforced 100% high-tenacity polyester
✔ Available in 3 sizes, accommodating different rope diameters
✔ Orange colour for higher visibility
✔ Easy installation using extra durable velcro lining
✔ Protection against localized abrasion
✔ Will not split or crack when bunched or compressed
✔ Improves lifespan of the rope
✔ Suitable for all fibre ropes