In support of extending the service life of mooring ropes and steel wire ropes TEHO offers a wide range of products that will help you achieve cost efficiency by utilizing our products in demanding circumstances.

Within our standard range, we offer different protective accessories that will protect your synthetic ropes from wear of environmental influences such as the Magnaro® rope protectors or heavy duty chafe guards.

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Rope Protection
Mooring Tails and Connections
Wire Rope End Terminations and Slings

Accessories for steel wire ropes

For steel wire ropes, we can provide wire rope lubricators, towing sleeves/shoes and our own Biolubri Greasekote 100 which is an environmental friendly lubrication that protects the steel wire from nature’s forces and salt water.

TEHO Ropes offers quality hardware and accessories from the leading manufacturers in the world to make you carry out the job safely.