MAGNARO® Twaron rope

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Over the past decades the emphasis on high performance ropes have grown due to safety reasons, economic aspects and environmental benefits.

TEHO Ropes Europe provides a comprehensive range of high performance HMPE ropes (Magnaro HMPE / Magnaro HMPE Plus) that cater to the broad needs of modern day mooring.

As an addition to the high performance rope family, TEHO started a partnership with Teijin in 2015 for Aramid based mooring ropes. The Magnaro Aramid Ropes fill in the gap where conventional high performance ropes have less performance.

The Magnaro Aramid rope is an custom-made mooring rope which is mainly selected to perform in very hot areas of the world. Where conventional high performance ropes significantly lose strength around 50C and thus can be a health and safety breach in a mooring configuration, the Magnaro Aramid ropes can withstand temperatures up to 427° C.

product properties

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The US Marine has been using Aramid made mooring ropes for years, highlighting the believe in the technical proporties of Aramid. Aramid fibres are fully recycable and can be re-used to produce brake pads, bullet proof vests, helmets, tires, etc. Teijin and TEHO support a recycle program in which a used Magnaro Aramid mooring rope is bought back after its service life time resulting in reducing the environmental footprint. Benefits:

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent resistance to heat (charts at 427° C)
  • Negligible creep
  • Low snap back
  • Recycle program; buy back guarantee for used ropes

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