Wire Rope End Terminations and Slings


Our technical team is available to consult on the rigging requirements, and to help design and fabricate cost-effective solutions for each situation.

TEHO performs the splicing on presses made by Talurit, the Swedish pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical splicing system

We use Talurit press dies and ferrules for complete compatibility. The ferrules are totally traceable and validated to EN13411-3 standards. This consistency in process and parts ensures that our products achieve the designed wire strength efficiencies and enjoy full coverage under Talurit’s Product Liability Insurance.

We possess splicing machines that can press up to 2000 metric tonnes or equivalent of wire rope with nominal diameter up to 90mm.

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Sometimes thimbles are used for reinforcement at the eye and offer better resistance against abrasion and crushing at the eye.

Our standard steel thimbles are manufactured according to BS 464, FF-T-276b Type III (G414) or JIS B2802 (Type A) specifications. Our solid thimbles are built to JIS B2802, JIS F3403 or DIN 3091 standard.


With towing wires usually open and closed spelter sockets and Anchor Pendant sockets (Pee-Wee sockets) are used.

For crane wire ropes many different types of sockets are used: open and closed spelter sockets, open and closed swage sockets, wedge sockets and Nemag rope pear sockets.

A wedge socket termination reduces the wire rope efficiency to 80%, but the wedge socket remains a popular choice because it is easy to install and can be attached after the wire rope is reeved.

The Nemag rope pear socket when paired with the Nemag quick release link forms an unbreakable connection between two ropes. Together, they enable quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling of grabs on cranes. Made from high grade austenitic manganese steel, these Nemag fittings generally outlast the wire rope.

endless slings

Our Spelter sockets and Nemag rope pear sockets are poured with Wirelock, the original cold socketing resin and the first socketing system to meet the performance criteria of DNV for offshore wire mooring rope, currently the DNV-OS-E304 standards. Wirelock produces a void free socket for 100% efficiency and safety, and is unparallel in dependability and fatigue performance.

Our sockets are made of high quality cast steel supplied in hot dipped galvanised finish and comply with EN10204 3.1/3.2, JIS F3432 or RR-S-550D, Type B standard.

We are the authorised distributor for AqualLine Sockets (Germany) and Nemag (The Netherlands).

Welded Ends

Welded Ends


Endless Slings

endless slings

Multi-legged Slings

Multi-legged Slings