Steel wire rope

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Renowned for having one of the most comprehensive and robust inventory of wire rope, TEHO Ropes stocks steel wire ropes from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.We are stringent that our wire ropes are true to their technical specifications, principally those of BS 302, BS EN12385, ISO 2408:2004, JIS G3525 and API-9A.

Our ropes are inspected by top class societies such as ABS, DNV.GL, NK and Lloyd’s and distinguished by the WREXCO® trademark.

The TEHO steel wire rope product range include general purpose steel wire ropes, stainless steel wires, PVC coated wires, rotation-resistant and non-rotating wire ropes which can be used for mooring, lashing, hoisting and luffing applications.
A wide selection of applications for usage are lashing wires, fire wires, mooring wires, accommodation ladder wires, Hose Handling Crane wires, Overhead Crane wires, Freefall boat davit wires.
In addition to the general purpose steel wire ropes, we also stock a wide variety of high performance crane cables in 4 strand, 8 strand and multistrand type with plastic infiltrated core.

For steel wire rope maintenance, we use lubricants.

Mooring Wires

Selecting the most suitable wire rope for mooring is essential for optimum performance and safety. It is crucial for very large and ultra large vessels whose numbers are increasing.
OCIMF strongly recommends the use of 6 × 36 class drawn galvanised wire rope with Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) as mooring lines. TEHO’s range of 6 × 36 class wire ropes strictly follows the EN10264-2 standard for galvanisation, as well as the other OCIMF guidelines.

mooring wire constructions

Crane Wires

Most cranes come with a recommended range of steel wire ropes to use on the different functional components. Proper application of the wire rope to each crane function is necessary to extract best performance, and to prevent accident and avoid damage to the equipment.
Crane wire ropes are usually fabricated with mechanically spliced soft eye, or fitted with thimble or socket.

crane wire rope constructions