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Established in 2013, in the port of Rotterdam, TEHO Ropes Europe is a full range supplier of synthetic mooring ropes, steel wire ropes and mooring equipment.

Mainly servicing customers active in Maritime, Industry and Oil & Gas, TEHO Ropes Europe has gained a leading position within the EMEA, Africa and India region by offering a complete range of quality mooring equipment from stock strengthened by class certification, short delivery times and unequalled customer service.

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more than 35 years of experience

TEHO Ropes has more than 35 years of experience and understanding of mooring lines and tails so it was a logical and obvious step for us to become one of the first companies who are able to supply mooring ropes and tails in accordance with the MEG4 Guidelines.

We can provide user guidelines for both steel wire and synthetic fibre ropes as part of the owner’s LMP based on the MEG4 guidelines. To further improve safety, we can assist owners and managers in the evaluation of the remaining operational life of the mooring lines by providing residual strength testing for used lines and tails.

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