Rope Protection

Ropes can be easily damaged if subjected to rough surfaces or sharp edges. We offer innovative anti-chafe solutions to prevent strength loss and to maximise the lifespan of your fibre and wire ropes.

Towing Sleeves and Towing Shoes

  • Help to prolong the lifespan of the mooring wires
  • Avoid costly damage to vessel rails and winches
  • Made from extremely durable V-Thane® polyurethane
  • Designed to withstand the most arduous environment
  • Gives maximum protection against abrasion and chafe

Towing Sleeves

Towing Sleeves

  • Made in a one-piece construction
  • Fitted by feeding the rope through the protector

Towing Shoes

  • Made in two halvesTowing Shoes
  • Clamped onto the rope with eight high tensile bolts
  • Easy to fit to any style of rope

Fibre rope protection

MAGNARO® Sleeve MAGNARO® Sleeve 

  • Pre-installed on both ends of all MAGNARO® ropes and tails except Tibrid, HTPP and Danline.
  • Covers and protects the entire eye length
  • Custom made
  • Made from high tenacity polyester
  • Abrasion resistant weaving
  • No sewing seams, no weak points susceptible to tearing
  • Much stiffer than canvas, less likely to bunch up and expose the eye
  • Suitable for all fibre ropes

MAGNARO® Rope Protector

  • Made from reinforced 100% high-tenacity polyester
  • Comes in lengths of 3 metres
  • Available in 3 sizes, accommodating different rope diameters:MAGNARO® Rope Protector

    Rope Size Width
    20-40mm 250mm
    44-64mm 350mm
    68-96mm 500mm

  • Orange colour for higher visibility
  • Easy installation using extra durable velcro lining
  • Very cut resistant
  • Protection against localized abrasion
  • Will not split or crack when bunched or compressed
  • Improves lifespan of the rope
  • Suitable for all fibre ropes

MAGNARO® Cover Guard

  • MAGNARO® Cover GuardAvailable in high-tenacity polyester or in HMPE
  • Permanently fixed over whole length or used as a movable protection on a part of the rope
  • Sleeve is made as a hollow braid and can be adjusted to the diameter of the rope
  • Able to accommodate different rope diameters
  • Improves lifespan of the rope
  • Protects the rope from abrasion yet still allows the rope to be inspected
  • Suitable for all fibre ropes


MAGNARO® Chafe-Guard

  • Has to be installed before the rope is spliced
  • HMPE yarns in a hollow 48 strand construction
  • Special abrasion resistant coating
  • High cut resistance
  • Usable on rope body or eye
  • Greatly improves lifespan of the rope
  • Especially suitable for high performance fibre ropes
  • Comes in 4 sizes made from V-Thane® polyurethane:

MAGNARO® Chafe-Guard

Rope size

V-Thane® Pro-Wrap Protector

  • easily attached to any part of the fibre rope
  • Gives maximum protection to ropes
  • Stops abrasion, wear and chafing
  • Impact resistant and shatterproof
  • Flexible even at -60oC
  • Expands to cover a wide range of diameters
  • Joined for extended lengths

MAGNARO® Repair KitMAGNARO® Repair Kit

  • Provides essential tools needed for the repair of a damaged jacket of a fibre rope.
  • It consists of DYU 600 (coating material), DYU 1000 (liquid hardener), braided rope, paint brush, wooden stick, scissors and tape.