TEHO Ropes Europe host MEG4 Seminar in Piraeus Marine Club

On Tuesday, the 9th of April 2019, Mr. Orlando Belfor, Sales Manager and Mr. Frank Schaeffer, Operations Manager from TEHO Ropes Europe had the honour to host a seminar in the light of OCIMF’s new mooring equipment guidelines publication MEG4. In Piraeus, one of the world’s most innovative shipping capitals, TEHO Ropes Europe teamed up with its valued partner Seascape to discuss the implementation and daily practicalities of MEG4 in the presence of some of the leading shipping companies Greece has to offer.

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“We acknowledge the day to day challenges of our customers to comply with MEG4 and by organizing this seminar, we fulfil the need of the Greek market for a more practical guidance about these new OCIMF guidelines. Our global presence through our network of stock points enables shipping companies to standardize their mooring equipment and to simplify the sourcing for their internationally trading vessels in view of the MEG4 requirements. In the future, a worldwide stock availability will be of even greater importance,” says Mr. Orlando Belfor, Sales Manager, TEHO Ropes Europe.

TEHO Ropes and Seascape will continue guide its customer base in their goal to become MEG4 compliant. Being able to service existing and new customers, TEHO Ropes will continue to invest in geographical presence, human capital and technology to strengthen its growth.

In case of any questions or remarks regarding MEG4, TEHO Ropes encourages you to contact your local TEHO representative for further assistance.