Steering the Course of Maritime Safety Standards

active member of both the European Committee for StandardizationTEHO Ropes is more than a name in the maritime industry; it’s a beacon of quality and safety, standing as an active member of both the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the International Standardization Organization (ISO). Our involvement goes beyond mere adherence to established norms; we’re integral players in the ISO TC 38/WG 21 working group, directly contributing to the evolution of global standards.

Our commitment spans from embracing general standards like NEN-EN-ISO 2307 and 9554 to adopting specific guidelines tailored for synthetic ropes, such as the HMPE rope NEN-EN-ISO 10325. This proactive stance places us at the vanguard of championing not just quality, but paramount safety in maritime operations.

Why do we dedicate ourselves to these rigorous standards? The answer lies in our belief that standardization transcends mere compliance. It’s about propelling the industry forward, fostering innovation, and, most critically, safeguarding lives at sea. In the vast and unpredictable maritime expanse, ensuring the reliability of every rope and piece of equipment isn’t just good practice—it’s a necessity.

At TEHO Ropes Europe, we’re not just meeting expectations; we’re setting them. Here, excellence and regulation converge, creating a synergy that drives the maritime industry toward a safer, more reliable future.