New mooring line on the way!

In 2018, the mooring line industry is not yet fully aware of the potential of aramid-based mooring line solutions – there are several common misconceptions about aramid technology. To bust these myths,  Teijin Aramid has gone on the offensive, launching a dedicated information campaign and setting up a full field trial with its partner TEHO Ropes. As part of this trial, three cargo vessels have been equipped with aramid-based mooring lines. The results of this initiative, as well as Teijin’s long-standing knowledge and expertise, have been the focus of the “There’s moor with Teijin Aramid!” campaign.

A long history of added value For over twenty years, Teijin Aramid has led the development of aramid technology for high-performance mooring line solutions. Through their unique physical and chemical properties, Teijin Aramid’s materials – including Twaron® and Technora® – can offer the mooring line industry significant improvements in the right areas.

Specifically, by delivering improved heat resistance and durability, as well as increased strength at a lower weight, aramid-based mooring line solutions offer improved operational performance, durability and safety, and are also more environmentally friendly than alternative solutions. In this way, mooring line solutions that incorporate aramid are ideal for meeting the tough challenges facing today’s mooring line industry.