MEG4 requests without SDMBL specifications

In our previous post, we addressed snap back as a danger in the mooring process. Prior to the actual mooring of a vessel, the selection and purchasing of a mooring rope contributes to the safety on board. Whilst very important, this step is often under exposed while it’s unmistakenly playing a vital role in the actual mooring on board.

Two years after the introduction of MEG4, we see that the market is still struggling on the technical purchasing side. Technical compliance, but more than rarely also purchasing who have not yet been fully trained about MEG4. Too often, this results in incorrect enquiries, requests to change the values on certificates or examples in which is requested to quote/supply without any reference to SDMBL. In any of these or unmentioned cases, this first step in technical purchasing is essential. As executed incorrect can sort to a snowball effect in which lack of knowledge means danger on board.