Magnaro Aramid® mooring rope

The high performance Magnaro Aramid® rope is a custom-made mooring rope which is often selected to perform in very hot areas of the world.

Where conventional high performance ropes significantly lose strength around 50°C which can lead to life threatening situation, the Magnaro Aramid® rope withstands temperatures up to 427° C.

In addition, the Magnaro Aramid® mooring rope has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low snap back and negligible creep.

In cooperation with Teijin, TEHO Ropes supports a recycle program in which a used Magnaro Aramid® mooring rope is bought back after its service life time resulting in reducing the environmental footprint.

The characteristics of each mooring rope are governed primarily by the material properties, which may be enhanced or moderated during the production process. However, rope selection is ultimately a balancing act between the characteristics of the material, the rope construction, vessel requirements, operating conditions, environmental and safety concerns and of course, cost.

Our MAGNARO® range of mooring ropes is the result of product optimization in view of production efficiency, price competitiveness and market requirements.

All MAGNARO® mooring ropes are produced in accordance with OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines 3rd Edition (MEG3) and/or 4th Edition (MEG4) and can be certified by third party class societies such as LRS, DNV, GL, ABS or NK.