LNG retrofit project: Taking giant leaps forward with TEHO Ropes

mooring lines of our MAGNARO®-HMPE Plus

We’re excited to share the latest progress on our LNG retrofit project. Gear up as we’re ready to roll out a major installation: 26 mooring lines of our robust MAGNARO®-HMPE Plus, paired with 26 high-performance MAGNARO®-Float Tails, all meticulously aligned with MEG4 standards.

Our expert rope team, fresh from an in-depth dry dock pre-inspection, is now gearing up for the next critical phase: installation. This marks a key milestone in our journey towards enhancing maritime safety and efficiency.

With a blend of advanced technology and seasoned expertise, we’re not just installing ropes; we’re weaving reliability and innovation into every strand of our work.

Stay tuned as we navigate through this challenging yet rewarding retrofit venture. We’re committed to setting new benchmarks in the maritime industry with every project we undertake.