Embracing Quality and Safety

Embracing Quality and Safety at TEHO Ropes EuropeDive into the heart of TEHO Ropes Europe, where the pillars of quality and safety are not just upheld but deeply ingrained in every process. Our facility boasts two advanced test benches, designed to handle loads up to 120 and 300 metric tonnes, showcasing our commitment to rigorous standards.

These benches undergo annual calibration, guaranteeing the highest level of load cell precision. Operated by our skilled engineers, they are the backbone of our exhaustive testing protocols. From proof load and hold testing to the more demanding destructive evaluations, our team is equipped to thoroughly assess the integrity and performance of synthetic ropes, steel wire ropes, and a comprehensive range of load-bearing equipment.

At TEHO Ropes Europe, safety is not a checkbox; it’s a continuous journey towards excellence. Our proactive approach ensures that every product not only meets but often surpasses industry standards. This relentless pursuit of quality is what makes us a trusted partner in the maritime and industrial sectors.