Rigging Service

With the acquisition of rigging company LIHA B.V. in 2015, TEHO Ropes Europe expanded their service proposition to the market with dedicated rigging engineers and profound knowhow about rigging, testing, inspection and (re)certification of lifting appliances, mooring equipment and related tools.

Nowadays, TEHO Ropes Europe has renewed its service offering based on the experience of rigging predecessor LIHA B.V. TEHO Ropes Europe can offer the following on shore and on board services:

  • Gang way test (4.5T)
  • Crane load test
  • Visual inspection of mooring equipment / lifting equipment/ hardware
  • Testing, inspection of lifting equipment / hardware – Overhauling of lifting equipment
  • Pad eye testing
  • Winch Brake Testing
  • Installation of synthetic and steel wire rope
  • (Re)splicing of synthetic ropes

In case of questions or enquiries, please contact your local sales representative.

teho ropes europe rigging
inspection of heavy lift slings